SajOuna “Where healthy meets tasty”!

Sajouna is derived from the word “Saj”, which is an authentic grill top used to bake saj bread. We specialize in using Saj bread, which is thinner than pita bread, to make a variety of healthy and tasty wraps and Saj mana-eesh. In other words, if you like our pita wraps, you’ll love our Saj wraps.

Runs through the blood, family trades always follow you no matter where you go, regardless of what your career. Most of the time, you find yourself doing what your father, grandfather and great-grandfather had spent their lives doing, but that is only one ingredient of success. The love of what you do and the enjoyment and satisfaction it brings to your heart is the ultimate ingredient.

To be successful, more than a family trade is needed. Our broad educational background accompanied by decades of combined experience in the bakery and restaurant business only makes us humble and eager to serve with the highest standards of excellence.

SajOuna is the essence of our creativity and recreation of Mediterranean cuisine to suit our fast life style. We are always open to suggestions to serve you, our customers to the best of our ability. Come experience the healthy and tasty variety of Saj wraps and Saj mana-eesh in a family oriented atmosphere at SajOuna located on Ford Rd and Beech Daly in Dearborn Heights, Michigan.

We hope to serve you soon!